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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Golfpreserves®?

How does Golfpreserves® define its “Environmental Stewardship for Golf” mission?

How are you attempting to create a self sustaining stewardship for golf?

How much does it cost for golf courses to participate in the Golfpreserves® project?

What is a Golfpreserves® Carbon Certificate?

How will the money from sold carbon certificates be used?

What kind of research will be funded?

Who makes the decision of what research to support?

Who are the current members of the Council of Advisors?

Are there any other industries that have adopted a self sustaining stewardship?

What golf industry organizations are collaborating with Golfpreserves®?

What is carbon sequestration?

How do plants sequester carbon?

How does the turf grass on golf courses sequester carbon?

Why are golf courses considered to be sequesterers of carbon?

Do golf courses sequester more carbon than, for example, parks?

Why has so much research of carbon sequestration been done on golf courses?

How long has this research been available? Are there new findings?

What happens to the sequestered carbon if, for example, there is a fire on the golf course?

What happens if the turf grass has to be replaced?

What happens to the carbon that is sequestered by the grass over time?

Do different turf grass varieties possess different sequestering capabilities?

Are the golf courses a better alternative as far as carbon sequestration goes than the natural landscape?

In what way is the carbon sequestration achieved at golf courses additional?

Is Golfpreserves® going to expand in the future?

Is the golf facility transferring any rights to their land?

Is the golf facility giving away their carbon credits?

What affiliation does Golfpreserves® have with advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky?